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Indigenous Business, Organizations and Social Enterprises

From full-fledged strategy to fine-tuning messaging frameworks, we leverage in-depth, knowledge to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets or move markets.

PR Associates is Canada’s only Indigenous public relations organization that helps lend a voice to Indigenous business and non-profit organizations. We have been recognized for our work with the Leadership, Enterprise and Partnership Award from the Industry Council of Aboriginal Business.

Our expert Indigenous PR team has helped businesses, non-profits, local governments, leaders and social enterprises get noticed
We facilitate media coverage through major media outlets, film festivals and events
We get executives and leaders noticed through awards, interviews, speaking arrangements, and thought leadership
We get your message noticed by mainstream media, politicians and the general public.

Our Services in Indigenous Business, Organizations and Social Enterprises

Media and public relations

We garner coverage in top-tier business and consumer outlets, strategic trade media and though leadership coverage.

Our media results include:

  • Brand recognition
  • A larger share of voice among competitors in media
  • Greater traction for news

Our connections

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We leverage our extensive network of contacts to generate high profile coverage of our clients across a broad range of trade and business press, including:

  • Business Press: Top outlets such as Bloomberg, Business News Network, CNCB Businessweek, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Vertical Press: Major publications in technology, life science, manufacturing, retail, marketing and advertising, HR, professional services, leadership, education, electronics, financial services, government and telecommunications, and.
  • Broadcast Media: Television and radio programs including: APTN, CBC National, Global TV, CTV, CityNews, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN and local and national stations.
Thought Leadership

Successful campaigns promote thought leadership – a key ingredient in our PR practice. Our clients are recognized as leaders and influencers in the. We help our clients achieve greater visibility, inspire meaningful conversations, increase lead generation and build trust with investors and customers.

Thought leadership tactics include:

  • White Papers: We work to capture your brand voice, communicate your most important messages and distinguish you from competitors.
  • Contributed Bylines: Our network of contacts includes editors at some of the most prominent business publications and news sites. We’ve helped our clients secure placements to promote their opinion and research in leading business and trade outlets.
  • Speaking Engagements and Panel Discussions: A good thought leadership strategy delivers the right messages to the right audiences. We secure thought leaders face time at key industry events all over the country and around the world. We’ll create a calendar highlighting the best speaking opportunities for you throughout the year.
  • Email Newsletters: We help convert your brand’s email newsletter into a shareable resource that delivers value to both leads and customers.
  • Social Media: We create strategic social media content that reached to the right audience and also monitor social media sites for industry-related conversations that could use your expert insight, allowing you to engage with users.
Media and speaker training

Our media training and speaker training services range from basic pre-interview prep to full-scale, in-person workshops centered around your team’s needs. Assistance we can provide includes:

  • Key messages: We help you define your company’s most important messages, simplifying even the most complex concepts into simple, coherent and understandable points. Your final messages will be authoritative, well-supported and distinct from your competitors.
  • Interview preparation: Before interviews and meetings, we prepare Q&A documents that provide recommended answers to questions you are likely to receive and talking points and the necessary background on your interviewer.
  • Customized Training: We provide training on introductory public relations skills that prove invaluable in mastering new spokesperson responsibilities, covering everything from news value to different types of interviews and stories. For more seasoned, savvy executives, we hone and polish presentation delivery skills vital to effective communication including body language, tone and speaking in soundbites.
  • Interview Preparation: Our mock interview sessions simulate various types of interviews, TV segments and press conferences you’re likely to encounter as a spokesperson. We then provide you with feedback that allows you to improve your performance.
  • Materials Assistance: We can assist with creating presentations and speech writing. Our staff of writers and graphic designers are highly skilled at ensuring we meet your communication objectives and brand guidelines with compelling materials that will resonate with your target audiences.

Our Work in Indigenous Business, Organizations and Social Enterprises

BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA)

BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA)

Case Study BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA)BC AMTA is faced with a broad and complex communication opportunity   The Situation As part of BC’s strategy to respond to the impending labour shortage in the mineral exploration and mining industry,...

Assembly of First Nations and PDAC MOU

Assembly of First Nations and PDAC MOU

Case Study Assembly of First Nations and PDAC MOUPR Associates publicized the MOU internationally and to First Nations throughout Canada resulting in meaningful engagement and dialogue between responsible mining companies and First Nations.   The Need PR...

Tahltan Nation-BC Hydro Northwest Transmission Line

Tahltan Nation-BC Hydro Northwest Transmission Line

Case Study Tahltan Nation-BC Hydro Northwest Transmission LinePR Associates was enlisted to develop the communication process and manage community outreach activities   The Need The Tahltan are a First Nation in Northwestern British Columbia. The Tahltan Central...

National Chief Shawn Atleo

National Chief Shawn Atleo

Case Study National Chief Shawn Atleo’s Campaign Atleo demonstrated his commitment to keeping the youth involved in the process of change   The Situation In 2009, the Assembly of First Nations called an election for a new National Chief after the three-term Chief...



Case Study KanawayhitowinKanawayhitowin—Taking Care of Each Others Spirit   The Situation The Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centre (OFIFC) launched a program called Kanawayhitowin—Taking Care of Each other’s Spirit. The program addresses the issues...

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