PRA Retreat 2021

Our team was excited to come together in person this past month to participate in a series of professional development workshops. We were lucky to have Robert, Michelle, Swati, and Mary join the rest of the team in Vancouver, B.C. for this special year-end retreat! Check out our recap of the highlights from this day:


Creating a Collaborative Work Environment with Sarah Markwick, President of Light the Lamp Consulting

This workshop presented the concepts of how opening in an inward or outward mindset can drive behaviors that make it easy or difficult to work collaboratively with others. The workshop objective was to see how our mindsets drive behavior and how we are showing up with others.

We took this time with our team to reflect together our strengths and weaknesses in how we work together as a team. Through various exercises led by Sarah, we came together with a thorough understanding of new concepts and values in how we can collaborate together.


Walking Photo Scavenger Hunt

Our teamwork and strategy skills got put to the test after our lunch break! We split into small teams and were challenged with the task to take photos with various Vancouver landmarks in an allotted amount of time.

What we had just learned in our workshop got put to the test, as our team members collaborated to complete the scavenger hunt in time.


Leading Through Emotional Intelligence with Greg Nichvalodoff, Executive Coach

To wrap up our day of professional development, we held a valuable workshop to understand the development of emotional intelligence (EQ). This is an important factor within an organization to ensure that relationships run smoothly. We learned how building EQ can improve team or group interactions. We also explored the role of emotional IQ in workplace activities, conflict, and stress management, as well as client influence and engagement.

This workshop truly allowed the group to come together as a team and reflect upon ourselves and how we react to situations emotionally. It supplemented the morning workshop perfectly.


Team Dinner

We finished off the day by enjoying a nice meal together and left with new, thought-provoking concepts in mind.

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