Hi, I’m Kamran

I am the Account Director at PR Associates. One of things I am most passionate about is reading positive news articles about my clients every morning. It’s addictive and makes you hungry for more!!

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t learn from my bio?

I live, eat, sleep and breathe sports. Favourite sports – Basketball (watch), Field Hockey and Snooker (play).

“Everyone has a story to tell, how you craft it, makes you standout from the crowd.”

Kamran has more than seven years of experience in international public relations and has worked for PR agencies in India, USA and Canada. Kamran is a master story-teller and understands the kind of stories that appeal to a range of media. His skills includes building strong relationships with the media to gain industry and local knowledge to ultimately pitch strategic stories. He has worked with wide range of STEM industries ranging from life sciences, mining and exploration, IT, particle physics and clean technology.

He specializes in communicating technical and complex information / science-based stories with business, mainstream and trade media in a relatable way to secure positive coverage for clients. He has also helped clients created marketing materials such as videos, websites presentations, factsheets and infographics to explain complex technologies and scientific research to variety of stakeholders such as government officials, local communities, First Nations and general audience.

Kamran has created and implemented marketing, social media and internal and external communications strategies to help clients achieve business goals. He has also successfully managed crisis communications for various clients.
Kamran holds a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, USA.

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