Hi, I’m Jamal

I am the Account Manager at PR Associates. I am a good listener and a nurturer. I thrive on being of exceptional service and watching my accounts grow. I am a gifted writer who is constantly on the lookout on how to best tell my clients’ stories, and my people skills ensure outstanding media relations and press coverage.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t learn from my bio?

I am a passionate traveler and culture enthusiast who has travelled solo to over 35 countries.

“The medium is the message”

— Marshal McLuhan —

Jamal’s has seven years of experience in Communications and Public Relations—in Canada and Dubai. He has held an extensive portfolio of clients in technology, consumer electronics, entertainment and real estate. Jamal is equipped with a skill set comprised of excellent media relations, writing and editing compelling press content, team management, an in-depth understanding of communication strategy across markets and cultures, as well as versatility in servicing clients across a wide scope of industries.

Jamal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Minor in Publishing from Simon Fraser University.

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