Hi, I’m Ambika

I’m an account director at PR Associates. My favourite part of my job is providing strategic solutions for clients and then seeing them implemented and getting results.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t learn from my bio?

I’m a mother of twins

“An organized approach takes care of all the tasks. Changing your lens for every client takes care of creativity. Thorough knowledge takes care of strategy. Combine all three and you have a result-oriented communicator.”

Armed with 15 years of experience in the communications industry, Ambika has worked across diverse sectors ranging from STEM organizations to mining to healthcare to consumer brands, in multiple international markets. As a senior member of the PR Associates’ team, Ambika is a trusted advisor to colleagues and clients, and brings unique strategic inputs to all campaigns.

More than 70 multinational and national organizations like CDRD, TRIUMF Innovations, Seabridge Gold, National Geographic Channel, BASF, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline, Mining Association of BC, MineSense, Unilever as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office have been a part of Ambika’s professional background. She has been the recipient of multiple awards for excellence in brand reputation campaigns which won accolades at a firm and international level including the prestigious WPPed Cream. Ambika has double Masters’ degrees in Communication and Global Management along with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.

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