We teach business leaders how to avoid media blunders

A flawless interview.

A perfect first impression. A good answer to a tough question.

You can achieve all of these things — with the right preparation.

PR Associates offers Media Training courses tailored to your unique needs.

Everybody can benefit from Media Training

We have trained more than 2,500 business leaders how to communicate safely and effectively in media interviews.

Many of them are CEOs and senior executives — the leaders with the most to gain, and the most to lose.

But everyone can benefit from these skills.

You never know what roles your team might find themselves in, or when a crisis might arise.

The best time to prepare yourself is yesterday.

Answer Tough Questions

‘No Comment’ doesn’t cut it. Learn how to handle the hardballs.

Prepare Like A Pro

If you’re not ready for the spotlight, it will show. Learn to prepare effectively & efficiently.

Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Where to look. What to wear. How to sit. When to stop. Get actionable advice for every situation.

Craft Your Key Messages

Style matters, but so does substance. Learn how to bring clarity and focus to the story you need to tell.

Solutions for Every Situation

PR Associates provides flexible options to fit the unique needs of any company or business leader.

If you need an intensive, all-day bootcamp to prepare your team — we do that.

If you need one-on-one support as the hours count down to the big interview — we do that too.

In-person or remote, for an individual or a full room, our media training packages are made to match any situation.

One-Hour Training

Get expert help to prepare for that big interview that’s just days or hours away.

Our experienced trainers will research the journalist who will be interviewing you, as well as the publication and audience you’re speaking to.

We’ll conduct a mock interview, hone your key messages, provide actionable tips, and conduct a record-and-playback run-through to make sure nothing is missed.

Half-Day Training

An in-depth workshop for a small group of participants.

Get peace of mind from knowing your senior leaders or mid-tier managers are prepared for crisis communications or positive publicity.

Our trainers will design a half-day training based on the needs of your business and industry, and make sure your team has the necessary level of knowledge and comfort.

Full-Day Training

Lend us your team’s ears, and we’ll leave them ready for anything.

We deliver an interactive workshop for up to 15 participants, covering everything from the fundamentals to hard-won lessons from the frontlines.

Includes on-camera rehearsals with expert critiques, to prepare for both emergency handling and proactive opportunities.

Specialized for your Sector

PR Associates are established experts in mining, tech, and sustainability. All our trainings are tailored to whatever industry you’re in.

Always Evolving & Up-to-Date

The news cycle is always running, and always changing. If you’ve had media training in the past, even just five years ago, it may already be out-of-date.

Real-World Examples

Our trainers don’t use scare tactics or aggressive interrogation tactics — we use case studies, personal experience, and real-world success stories

From the Reporter’s Perspective

We know what makes a story ‘news’. We know how journalists think, and how they will react. Why? We are former journalists ourselves.

Meet our Trainers

It’s not just about how much we know — it’s about how much we care.

Robert Simpson

Robert Simpson

President & CEO

Robert has been delivering media training to executives, leaders and spokespeople of all kinds for more than 25 years.

He leads the team at PR Associates as the firm’s President and CEO.

With a Bachelor’s of Education degree, Robert draws on his background in education in delivering these training workshops.

He is a former journalist, with experience in print, digital, regional and national news. He holds a Master’s degree in Journalism.

Robert is an expert instructor for preparing clients for media opportunities, because he has conducted thousands of those interviews himself.

As a media training instructor, he stands apart from the pack because he never uses scare tactics or ‘angry journalist’ scenarios.

Why? Because they don’t work.

Instead, you can count on Robert to teach storytelling skills with a focus on enhanced listening, interview preparedness, and spokesperson presentation — all made to suit the on-the-ground reality of today’s 24/7 news cycle.

Carla Bosacki

Carla Bosacki

Account Director

Carla comes to PR Associates after a long and distinguished career in front of the camera.

As a television broadcaster, she has worked in newsrooms in Halifax, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto, where she is now based.

With more than 20 years’ experience in media, as well as a degree in Public Relations, Carla has an incredible knack for noticing the ‘little things’ — not to mention the big ones.

She knows first-hand that, in media interviews, anything that can go wrong, may well go wrong.

That’s why you have to be prepared.

Along with her remarkable experience and skillset, Carla is a people person who understands the value of empathy and caring in the world of media communications.