Media & Speaking Training

It only takes 7 seconds to form an impression. It is critical to get it right.

Robert’s workshop was one of the best I’ve attended in my 28-year career. His real-life experience, combined with a unique approach to media training that focuses on preparation and storytelling was refreshing. There were no scare tactics, no got-you moments in front of the camera or angry journalist scenarios, rather practical skills for any media spokesperson.

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How We Do It

Media spokesperson training

Media Spokesperson Training

Our sessions are fully customized, both by client and by topic.

If there’s one thing clients have told us more than anything else, it’s how surprised they are by the amount of research we conduct before each session.

We believe a session can only be effective if it’s highly tailored — and that “off-the-shelf” training doesn’t work particularly well.

Presentation Training

Presentation Training

For presentation training, we help the presenter establish rapport with the audience and use storytelling techniques to build support

  • Coaching for confidence & executive presence
  • Media interview proficiency
  • Mastering non-verbal communication
  • Preparing for challenging interviews & conversations
  • Message control & delivery
  • Media interview simulation
  • Presentation coaching