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Our Client’s Experience

“When the PDAC engaged PR Associates, we were struggling to attract and manage the media at our annual conference, one of the largest in Canada. With an approach rooted in strategic thinking, their team brought a sophisticated understanding of the role media plays in our organizational strategy—as well as a deep interest in and commitment to our mission.”

Salley Lawton
Director of Communication, PDAC

“I’ve hired PR Associates several times over the years with various organizations. They have a unique understanding of diverse audiences. Their work is both emotional and organized. Working with their team is always a great experience and the results of our award-winning partnerships have helped so many people while transforming how our organizations were perceived.” Terry Swan Director FILO, Ontario Ministry of Justice
“PR Associates is far more than your average PR firm. They are strategic and they are creative partners with a knack for understanding complexity and help you communicate it simply and eloquently. When it come to turning complicated research into content and finding opportunities to connect with the public they are the best in the business. That’s why we’ve worked with them for eight years now.” Brent Murphy Senior VP Environment, Seabridge Gold
“PR Associates completely understood the challenges we were facing. Instead of having a junior consultant engaged in our project, the whole team was involved. This is what makes them such a great partner, they made our success theirs. We don’t feel like we hired a PR firm, rather we found a partner to work with us.” Jonathon Hoyles President and CEO Perk Hero

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