Shining the spotlight on what renewable, clean energy can do

Our planet is approaching a tipping point.

Climate change is a reality, and a global threat. The green revolution, meanwhile, remains an untapped opportunity. As technologies evolve, the companies developing them still face a substantial barrier. How to tell the story of the impact they are poised to make, clearly and convincingly.

Renewable, clean energy is not like other industries.

You need special expertise to communicate its full potential.

Renewable, clean energy companies are, literally, changing the world.

So why aren’t we hearing more about it?

In today’s media environment, only the clearest signals can cut through the noise.

This puts scientific advances at disadvantage. 

Their complexity keeps them from the spotlight.


We know how to bring clarity to the science of renewable, clean energy.

We know how to bring its impact into focus.

Clarifying Complexity

Even the best journalist can’t tell a compelling story about a subject they don’t understand. We set them up for success.

Values-based Engagement

The time for questioning the climate crisis is long since over. Our audiences crave authenticity, and we can deliver it.

Respect for Science

‘Dumbing down’ is not what we do. We believe it’s possible to spotlight the impact without losing the nuance — because that’s what we do.

Celebrating Innovation

The achievements of the Clean Energy sector are truly incredible — not just financially, or environmentally, but for their sheer problem-solving power.

Our Full-Service Approach

We offer a comprehensive suite of PR services to make sure you have the services you need.

When you become a client of PR Associates, you don’t just get our expertise — you get a teammate who wants to see you succeed. 

Here’s how we do it.

Strategic Story Crafting

We go in-depth into the story you want to tell and identify unique angles that will resonate well with reporters.

Targeted Media Pitches

We match the stories you’re ready to tell with the media outlets who are the best fit to tell them, and we take a thoughtful, targeted approach to pitching them.

Media Relations

We manage both inbound and outbound media interactions — from earned media to emerging issues — to ensure success and manage risk.

Thought Leadership

We position you as a thought leader in your field, by capturing your inspirations, honing your voice, and deploying them into op-eds and feature articles.

Press Releases & Newswires

We take care of all the work that goes into producing a perfect news release, and distributing it far and wide.

On-site Event Support

Any time you are hosting a press conference or speaking to your industry, we’ll be there to support you and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Media Training

We deliver media training for spokespeople and executives. Whether it’s an interview in a few days, or a crisis that could come at any time, the best thing to be is prepared.

Clean Tech can’t afford to get lost in the shuffle

Telling the story of the clean-tech sector is more than a job.

It’s a mission.

The world needs to sit up and take notice of what new technologies are making possible.

Without garnering attention — and support — for these innovations, the opportunities they represent could die on the vine.

These aren’t just business opportunities. They have real repercussions on future human survival.

As PR practitioners, we are proud to have developed an expertise in representing these companies. 

Through our ability to synthesize science, and distill detail, we are uniquely well-positioned to help these companies carve out their niche.


We understand Renewable, Clean Energy, and what it can do.

We help the media understand it too.