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Understanding Media Relations and How It Works

By: Robert Simpson, President and CEO, PR Associates

Arm your team with the essentials they need to comfortably and effectively engage with reporters and journalists, whether you’re launching new products, announcing company news, or dealing with a crisis. Don’t get caught off guard! Prepare to Be Noticed.

Who Needs It?

You don’t always get to choose when an interview happens. An official spokesperson is not the only one that requires knowledge managing the media. Anyone representing your organization, from regional managers, office managers, social media staff, and sales reps, just to name a few, could suddenly become the spokesperson with no warning. Download your free eBook to learn how to comfortably and effectively engage with members of the media.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding the Media

In addition to objectively reporting the news and serving as a public watchdog for government and industry, the media is a business

Interview Techniques

Time proven methods for influencing the direction of an interview, and ensuring that the messages you want to deliver are communicated effectively and repeatedly.

When the Reporter Calls

You never know if a reporter is working on a deadline, or if a quick response will secure a valuable media opportunity for you or your organization.

Preparing for the Interview

All news organizations have a recognizable editorial position and a presentation style that appeals to a certain audience.

“We were struggling to attract and manage the media at our annual conference, one of the largest in Canada. With an approach rooted in strategic thinking, [Robert] brought a sophisticated understanding of the role media plays in our organizational strategy”

Director of Communication, PDAC

“Robert’s real-life experience, combined with a unique approach to media training that focuses on preparation and story telling was refreshing. There were no scare tactics, no got-you moments in front of the camera or angry journalist scenarios, rather practical skills for any media spokesperson.”

Manitoba Hydro

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About The Author

ROBERT SIMPSON, President and CEO, PR Associates

For the last 20 years, Robert has specialized in strategic communication and public relations, focusing his passion for storytelling to help organizations achieve greater impact. As PR Associates’ leader, Robert plays a role in collaborating with clients and our teams to develop strategies and create experiences that deepen audience engagement.

A frequent writer and speaker, Robert is a regular contributor to many industry publications and non-profit organizations. His work has been recognized for excellence by numerous organizations such as the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business, International Association of Business Communicators and the Science Writers and Communicators Association of Canada. Robert earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University.

Robert is also the founder, president and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Science Communication.

Prepare to Be Noticed.

Let's clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets, and move markets together.