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The Problem

Time and again, we see brilliant scientists and engineers struggling to deliver presentations that resonate with non-technical audiences. Either the information is too difficult to understand or the presenter does not connect with the audience and the authenticity of the information and authority of the presenter is questioned. This leaves the presenter dissatisfied and the audience frustrated. Worse, it can result in rights-and stakeholders who affect your project to be disengaged and even disapprove of your project.

The Solution

Robert Simpson, PR Associates’ founder, has developed a customized Science of Communication Workshop ™ that trains participants to understand their audience, frame their presentation and shape the message effectively, present information that meets the audience needs and answers difficult questions with confidence.

The training has been given at several international science-based conventions, conferences, and symposiums, including PDAC, CIM, Clean Energy Canada, Canadian Oil Producers and Canadian Society of Engineers.

Other clients include engineering firms, environmental organizations, government agencies, oil and gas producers, pipeline companies, fisheries, shipping, mining, forestry biotech, technology IT and infrastructure developers.

The Results

We’ll let our clients speak for themselves:

Before each public presentation, we prepared our consultants through a customized Science of Communication Workshop, where we developed our message and our visuals and practiced our presentation and question answering skills. This preparation was integral in successfully acquiring our Federal and Provincial Environmental assessment approvals for the $5 billion KSM project.

Brent Murphy, Vice President Environment, Seabridge Gold.

A perfect 10 out of 10 for the Science of Communication™ Workshop,”

Saley Lawton, Communication Director, Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

The best workshop I have attended in recent memory. The skills I learned were practical and useful and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructor beyond compare.”

Howard, Senior Vice President, Klohn Crippen Berger

By far the best preparation I have ever received before facing a skeptical public at community meetings. In part, the skills we learned from this workshop helped our team successfully inform the stakeholders and gain support for the project.

Clem Pelletier, CEO Rescan Environmental

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