Research and Perception Audits

Prior to making a decision about the direction of a project or strategy, it is important to understand your audience. At PR Associates, we collaborate with the best market researchers in the business and develop research programs based on your unique communications needs and goals. We also provide full measurement and analysis that lead to credible interpretation of the data. By doing so, we help you make the right decisions going forward, based on an accurate understanding of public opinion.

Our services include:

  • Conducting baseline measurement research that identifies issues, attitudes, perspectives and scenarios most relevant to stakeholders prior to any communications campaign.
  • Designing and conducting research programs that include perception audits, telephone, mail and internet-based surveys, as well as in-person and online focus groups, in-depth interviews and perception audits.
  • Where needed, we undertake comprehensive research that helps in connecting with stakeholders throughout the course of a communications program.
  • Measuring a communication campaign’s effectiveness through relevant in-person and secondary online research methods.
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