The Science of Communication™: Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Our sessions are fully customizable, both by client and by topic. If there’s one thing clients have told us more than anything else, it’s how surprised they are by the amount of research we conduct before each session. We believe a session can only be effective if it’s highly tailored — and that “off-the-shelf” training doesn’t work particularly well. In advance of your session, we typically read dozens of sources about your organization and each participant’s subject area, review your media clips and messaging, and develop real-life scenarios that affect you and your organization.

Giving a presentation to a small audience, let alone a room full of people, does not come naturally to most people. And even those who find presenting easy, often struggle with the best way to present complex information to non-technical audiences.

The Science of Communication™: Exceptional Presentation workshop uses proven adult learning techniques including lecture, behavioural self- analysis, role-playing, and group exercises along with video-recorded presentations and feedback. This workshop compiles the most powerful and easy to use presentation techniques with expert interaction and valuable feedback.

The program starts with participants preparing and delivering a real-life business presentation. Our trainers focus on real and current events relevant to the presenters and the organization to which they belong.

Public Speaking Training

You will learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience to understand the background, technical knowledge, cultural differences, levels of trust and psychological barriers which can prevent effective two-way communication;
  • Structure a presentation with an opening, middle and closing to meet your audience’s needs;
  • Use persuasive, emphatic, non-verbal and conflict management skills to help adapt your communication style and effectively engage your audience to achieve the desired outcomes;
  • Project control and confidence with high impact delivery skills;
  • Overcome negative or distracting mannerisms;
  • Enhance your voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency.

A Science of Communication™ Presentation Skills workbook will be provided to each participant.

We customize our workshops to meet your needs. Individual coaching is available.

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