Public Speaking for STEM Professionals


In an effort to gain approval with local communities, government, stakeholders and rights holders, scientists, engineers and technical professionals are called upon to deliver presentations about highly complex information to non-technical people during various stages of a project proposal or regulatory assessment. However, according to the Trust Barometer, an annual international survey on who we trust, people’s trust in businesses, government and the media are rapidly declining. With trust falling, it has become even more important now to present information clearly, making it meaningful and well-understood by bringing alive the technical data for the audience. A well-delivered presentation will build trust and credibility and inform good decision making, while a poorly delivered presentation galvanizes the opposition.

The Science of Communication ™ workshop is custom designed to provide scientists, engineers and technical professionals with the public speaking skills and communication tools they need to build trust while delivering complex information to non-technical audiences. Participants learn how to analyze their audience to understand the background, knowledge base, interests, and biases and how to adapt their content and develop tools to effectively communicate to them. Scientists, engineers, and technical professionals will learn how to gain trust and credibility, show relevancy through story-telling and exhibit confidence, enthusiasm, and passion.

Public Speaking Training

What you will learn:

  • Develop confidence;
  • Understand their audience;
  • Frame a presentation, show relevancy and shape the message;
  • Present information that meets your audience needs;
  • Improve body language, voice, and tone;
  • Design visuals and tools to support your presentation;
  • Answer difficult questions with confidence;
  • Manage opposition and conflict;
  • Measure your effectiveness.

What to expect from our public speaking training?

This full-day workshop is a hands-on, and enjoyable learning experience. Come with a 10-minute presentation on a scientific topic of your choice. During the session, you edit and refine your draft based on strategies learned. As well, you have two opportunities to deliver your presentation and receive feedback from both your peers and the facilitator. At the end of the session, you receive a recording of your presentation so you can evaluate your skills privately. You also receive a comprehensive manual and access to our online support center.

Individual coaching and workshops are available.

We work with some of the top environmental, bio-technical, aerospace, civil, chemical, geotechnical engineers and earth scientists in the world to help translate and communicate technical information and then deliver the information for non-science audiences including shareholders, stakeholders, First Nation governments and indigenous communities, national, regional and local governments, and the media.

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