Media Training: The Science of Communication™

Our sessions are fully customizable, both by client and by topic. If there’s one thing clients have told us more than anything else, it’s how surprised they are by the amount of research we conduct before each session. We believe a session can only be effective if it’s highly tailored — and that “off-the-shelf” training doesn’t work particularly well. In advance of your session, we typically read dozens of sources about your organization and each participant’s subject area, review your media clips and messaging, and develop real-life scenarios that affect you and your organization.

Business leaders are often called upon as experts to discuss difficult concepts and complex information. Other times, company leaders are expected to promote or defend their organization.

No matter what the situation, our The Science of Communication™: Media Training workshop can help you represent your organization, your clients and yourself with confidence by successfully communicating complex information that is easily understood.

Our media preparation courses show you how to take complicated scientific concepts and distill them down to focused messages that can be delivered and understood by non-scientific audiences. We help you make the most out of media interviews through hands-on experience – we will create customized media interviews that are unique to your needs. Each participant will participate in mock media interviews, which are recorded and played back for review.

These training workshops are based on actual journalist interviews and the topics cover are current and relevant issues which could affect your business today and in the future.

Media Training: You will learn how to

  • Work with the media;
  • Boost personal and organization’s credibility;
  • Plan and execute any media interview successfully;
  • Assume the role of a spokesperson with confidence;
  • Deliver your organization’s views with clarity and control;
  • Overcome nervousness;
  • Turn negative into positive opportunities;
  • Answer difficult questions.

A Science of Communication™ Media Training workbook will be provided to each participant.

We customize our workshops to meet your needs. Individual coaching is available.


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