Media Training for STEM Professionals

Media Training Vancouver for Scientists and Engineers

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STEM professionals are often called upon as experts to discuss proposed industrial projects, scientific or engineering concepts or complex information from scientific journals. At PR Associates, we know how to take complicated scientific concepts and distill them down to focused messages that can be delivered and understood by non-scientific audiences.

We get it.

No matter what the situation, our planning, preparation and training for scientists and engineers can help you represent your organization, your clients and yourself with confidence by successfully communicating complex information that is easily understood. Our half-day and full-day media preparation courses prepare you to make the most out of media interviews through hands-on experience – we will create customized media interviews that are unique to your needs. These training courses are based on actual journalist interviews and the topics cover current and relevant issues which are affecting your business today and in the future.

What you will learn:

  • Plan and execute any media interview successfully;
  • Assume the role of a spokesperson with confidence;
  • Deliver your organization’s views with clarity and control;
  • Turn negative into positive opportunities;
  • Manage difficult questions.

While we provide a comprehensive theory, most of our sessions are customized. We will craft our workshops to your exact business specifications – including the opportunities to promote your projects, products, and services. Individual coaching is available.

Topics we cover include:

  • How the media has evolved: from traditional to online and citizen journalism;
  • What makes news?
  • Why it is important to understand your audience before speaking;
  • How to prepare;
  • What journalists look for to produce a story;
  • How to develop key messages: defined, refined and delivered;
  • Addressing the tough questions;
  • Managing hostility;
  • Illustrating your story;
  • How to prepare for any media interview.

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