The Science of Communication™: Learning to Speak the Same Language

Our sessions are fully customizable, both by client and by topic. If there’s one thing clients have told us more than anything else, it’s how surprised they are by the amount of research we conduct before each session. We believe a session can only be effective if it’s highly tailored — and that “off-the-shelf” training doesn’t work particularly well. In advance of your session, we typically read dozens of sources about your organization and each participant’s subject area, review your media clips and messaging, and develop real-life scenarios that affect you and your organization.

There often seems to be an inherent conflict when Western science meets Indigenous traditional values. A few symptoms of this are encampments along pipeline routes, protests at hydroelectric developments protests and organized social media campaigns that delay or terminate projects.

The real root cause, however, is a failure to communicate effectively. Our research shows that the communication and trust gap between scientists, engineers, technical experts and Indigenous people living in Indigenous communities is widening. But the same research also shows that by finding common ground by helping your audience to understand your concepts, scientists, engineers and company professionals can narrow the communication gap and build trust and gain acceptance from Indigenous communities.

Through a combination of case studies and hands-on skill development, our The Science of Communication™: Speaking the Same Language; Building Trust with Indigenous Communities workshop will assist scientists in identifying potential barriers to good communication and building credibility, trust and better engagement.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct audience analysis informed by Indigenous culture, history and traditional values;
  • Increase audience comprehension and acceptance by presenting technologically complex information in an understandable and non-threatening environment;
  • Tell compelling stories;
  • Be entertaining, passionate and confident;
  • Manage body language, voice and tone;
  • Manage opposition and conflict.

A Science of Communication™: Learning to Speak the Same Language; Building Trust with Indigenous Communities workbook will be provided to each participant.

We customize our workshops to meet your needs. Individual coaching is available.

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