Communication Training

Internal Communication Training - PR Associates

Internal Communication Training

Internal communication takes many forms and every company has different internal communication needs.

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Media Relations Training - Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

This training course prepares you to handle a variety of disputes and conflicts at the workplace or with a variety of stakeholders.

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Building Trust within Indigenous Communities

Learning to speak the same language ™ as there seems to be an inherent conflict when Western science meets Indigenous traditional values.

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Public Speaking for STEM Professionals

A well-delivered presentation will build trust and credibility and inform good decision making, while a poorly delivered presentation galvanizes the opposition.

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Media Training for STEM Professionals - Vancouver

Media Training for STEM Professionals

STEM professionals are often called upon as experts to discuss proposed industrial projects, scientific or engineering concepts or complex information from scientific journals.

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Executive Media Training

Our custom-designed executive media training sessions help companies achieve their unique strategic goals.

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