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PR Associates is Canada’s first STEM-focused communications consultancy that helps science-based professionals develop technical information into something easily understood by non-technical audiences, whether that be Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members, government policy advisors, regulatory officers or any other stakeholder.

We call this Science of Communication™. It is the approach we adopt to breaking down complex, technical data into simple and easy-to-follow information and it positively impacts a project’s success. This is a way for different parties to learn how to speak the same language.

We offer several workshops that target those specific skills that STEM professionals need to help advance their projects and we create strategic communication plans and tools to facilitate successful communication with non-science audiences.

PR Associates has worked with more than 2,000 engineers and scientists to effectively communicate complex concepts to non-science audiences to get approval for $20.5 billion of new project investment in Canada.

Strategic Communication

In the natural resource, energy and infrastructure space, just like your engineering firm and your environmental firm, we are a vital piece of your success. We take your complex technical language and turn it into simple messages that will resonate with your stakeholders, helping you obtain “social license”.

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Communication Training

As former journalists and current media relations counsel to leading organizations, we use our in-depth knowledge to teach spokespeople and executives how to manage exchanges with journalists for win-win outcomes in our communication training workshops.

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