Why should you consider media training?

Posted on Oct 03, 2019


The importance of media training is often undervalued until you see yourself in a recorded interview.

Media training is essential to any spokesperson or representative of an organization who wants to speak with confidence and poise.

Here are several tips from our team to help you navigate your next interview with the media:

  1. Representing your organization and yourself with confidence strengthens your reputation

Facing the media can be very intimidating – when you’re not prepared. If you’re the spokesperson for your company or organization, your responsibility is to deliver a credible and concise message to represent your organization, and yourself, to the best of your ability.

  1. Communicating your story clearly will increase confidence in you and your organization

Your key messages will be the framework for everything you say during an interview. But you need to be able to weave these messages into a story that resonates with your audience through the journalist.

  1. Learning how the media works will help you successfully navigate your interview

Understanding WHY you are being interviewed will help you convey your best message Whether you’re in the hotseat or delivering exclusive content – knowing your audience is essential to a positive media presence and getting results.

  1. Proactively preparing for your interview will reduce nervousness

Anticipating the questions you will be asked is essential to ensuring you have the right messaging that reflects your organization in the best light. You will also have time to think through more difficult questions, before you are in the spotlight.

  1. Practicing and receiving feedback on your interview will prepare you to deliver your story with confidence

Preparation is key. Rehearse your delivery for a third-party audience who isn’t afraid of providing constructive feedback.

Our workshops are designed to educate and empower, whether public speaking is your top priority, your darkest fear, or something in between.

To find out more on how you and your team can learn how to navigate the current media landscape and gain publicity, visit our training page here.

At PR Associates, there is no learning curve because health and science communication is all we do. As experts and seamless extensions of your team, we use science storytelling to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets, and stimulate investment interest.

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