Know your audience before you speak: Why Scientists and Engineers need audience analysis
Dec 15, 2016

No scientist or engineer would launch a project without a plan, so why do so many communicate without having a clear...

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Building corporate trust through effective communication
Feb 24, 2015

Resource companies are more focused than ever before on corporate social responsibility. Mining, forestry and energy companies understand there’s...

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Pathways to carbon reduction through behavioural change
Feb 23, 2015

In December 2015, there will be an important gathering in Paris at the United Nations Framework on Climate Change...

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Pinnacle Renewable Energy – Meeting the demand for low-carbon fuel
Nov 24, 2014

Pinnacle Renewable Energy – Meeting the Demand for Low-Carbon Fuel PR Associates met with Vaughan Bassett, Senior Vice President Sales...

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Aboriginal Canadians perception audit on Canada’s mining industry
Nov 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 — In July 2014, PR Associates undertook a comprehensive survey of Aboriginal Canadians to determine their perception of...

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Prince Rupert Port Authority sees competitive advantage with sustainability initiatives
Nov 12, 2014

Prince Rupert Port Authority sustainability initiatives help make vessel and rail operations more competitive. The Prince Rupert Port Authority...

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Health, productivity and savings: Sustainable office tower attracts discerning tenants
Oct 20, 2014

The Old Stock Exchange building, circa 1929. When completed in late 2015, The Exchange will be Canada’s first LEED®...

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VeloMetro: A new wave of sustainable vehicle sharing coming soon to Vancouver
Oct 06, 2014

VeloMetro: A New Wave of Sustainable Vehicle Sharing When John Stonier presented VeloMetro’s sustainable vehicle sharing concept, he was...

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World’s first carbon capture power plant to transform coal industry for Canada and the world.
Sep 18, 2014

Michael Monea, President of the Carbon Captureand Storage Initiative at SaskPower, describes thebenefits of carbon capture. – Photo: CAC...

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