Do scientists understand the general public?
Mar 07, 2017

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences organized four workshops for experts from the scientific community and representatives of...

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Corporate reputation accounts for $566 B of the Canadian resource sector’s shareholder value
Feb 27, 2017

Corporate reputation now accounts for $566 billion, or more than $1 in every $5 of shareholder value in Canada’s...

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When obtaining social license matters, so does training
Feb 20, 2017

Does training your scientific team to speak plain language really matter? It did for a mining project in central...

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Cultural factors that influence trust in science
Feb 14, 2017

Understanding your audience is the key to all successful presentations. For scientists and engineers making presentations to aboriginal audiences,...

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It’s not the science, it’s the scientists
Feb 06, 2017

Recent studies suggest scientists and engineers can counter growing mistrust from the general public by fostering a culture of...

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Five must-have presentation skills for scientists and engineers
Jan 30, 2017

Five must-have Presentation Skills 1. Don’t Apologize Apologies are only useful if you’ve done something wrong. Don’t use them...

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Think like a fifth-grader: Communicating complex scientific and engineering concepts
Jan 23, 2017

On the recent winter solstice, while watching the snow fall from the sky, I was reminded again that most...

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Know your audience before you speak: Why Scientists and Engineers need audience analysis
Dec 15, 2016

No scientist or engineer would launch a project without a plan, so why do so many communicate without having a clear...

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Building corporate trust through effective communication
Feb 24, 2015

Resource companies are more focused than ever before on corporate social responsibility. Mining, forestry and energy companies understand there’s...

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