National Workaholics Day: What it’s like to be a PR Intern

Posted on Jul 03, 2020

National Workaholics Day: What it’s like to be a PR Intern

Ameera Es-Sabar

When I first applied for my internship at PR Associates, I was extremely nervous. I was an aspiring writer who wanted to learn as much as she possibly could about the world of public relations and marketing. But I wasn’t sure that I could write about the science industry, or what I considered to be beyond my area of “expertise.” Little did I know that I could in fact combine my writing skills with the world of science. I’m still that aspiring writer, constantly absorbing as much information as I can, but PR Associates has exceeded my expectations when it comes to what I have learned about the world of media and PR, and especially what I have learned when it comes to the importance for good communication and writers in a society dominated by science, technology and economics.

The first thing that I learned when I joined the PR team this summer was the importance of teamwork. As a writer, I’ve adapted to keeping my writing private and working alone, but seeing how the team works together has inspired me greatly. You can’t run a successful PR firm alone, and I don’t think anyone would want to. Each morning I partake in 8:30 AM meeting calls with the whole team, where we have Morgan discussing digital media and strategy, Kamran pitching new ideas to show journalists, Paola explaining her next marketing strategy, Michelle organizing everything having to do with keeping the team functioning, and the meeting always seeming to end with Robert giving us a motivational pep talk to inspire us for the day. Now, don’t get me wrong. At first, I was not looking forward to lugging myself out of bed each morning, especially not during the summer. But once I met this amazing and hard-working group of people, I told myself that I’d need to step up my game, contribute whatever I could to the team and rise to their level, even if that meant sacrificing a few precious hours of sleep.

The second most important thing I learned about working in PR is that writing really IS a crucial skill, especially today. I know, I know, that seems pretty obvious. Yet, it also doesn’t. Whenever I tell people that I want to be a writer, I’m usually met with the awkward smile and the “oh, that’s so cool! It’s going to be hard to make money though, won’t it?” Well, it’s also pretty hard to make money as a scientist, engineer or entrepreneur if you can’t actually market your product to investors. We need writers now more than ever, and I’ve finally fully realized that, thanks to the PR team. Communication and writing are crucial towards ending conflicts between groups, for promoting products and for informing audiences. Without effective communication, language is dead, and without language, human connection is dead. How does anyone hear about anything relevant nowadays? Through the news, journalists and social media. What do all three of those things have in common? They all require effective writing and communication skills.

The last thing that has stuck with me when it comes to being involved in a PR firm is that consistency, connections, credibility and creativity are key to success in the writing industry. One without the others does not produce effective work. Here at PR Associates, we create content calendars and constantly stay up to date with deadlines so that nothing is rushed or last minute. Additionally, as an intern I’m expected to research any information pertaining to our clients and their needs. Nothing we create can be submitted without providing credibility and a solid connection. Lastly, creativity is immensely important. You can have credibility, connections and consistency, but without fresh ideas that captivate audiences, it’s unlikely that your brand will truly take off. Because PR Associates has such a unique team of former journalists and writers, we always have new ideas bouncing off of one another, bringing creativity into the PR world.

This National Workaholics Day, I’m proud to be a part of the PR Associates team, and to continue learning about how I can take my writing to the next level with clients and companies, along with the help of my newfound PR family.

Ameera Es-Sabar is an Intern at PR Associates

At PR Associates, there is no learning curve because health and science communication is all we do. As experts and seamless extensions of your team, we use science storytelling to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets, and stimulate investment interest.

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