Living in Silence

Posted on Jun 10, 2020

You don’t have to work in public relations to see we are living through a pivotal moment in modern history. The recent international protests around race and race relations have made us collectively stop and think about our own experiences with racism and discrimination. Here at PR Associates, we wanted to share our own stories.

Living in Silence

Michelle Hawkins-Wood

Racism is on the forefront in North America and it has reminded me of a time in my life where I was subjected to “racism”. In my early 20’s I was living with family friends in Alberta, while attending school. I was given “house rules” which included no “minorities” allowed on the property. I was mortified by this as I had never experienced a racist view or opinion from someone I knew. In retrospect I feel that I should have confronted this person and challenged the “rule” but I was a guest and just accepted the conditions of my living arrangement. Staying silent was not a decision I am proud of and it taught me to address “racism” with my children from a very young age. Love and respect for all human life is a cornerstone of my family’s core values and it has taught us to speak out when faced with “racism” or “hate” in our personal and professional lives.

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