Keeping a Family Connected Through Zoom

Posted on May 28, 2020

With a focus on mental health, the PRA team wanted to share their personal experience with COVID-19 – the ups, downs and in-betweens.

Keeping a Family Connected Through Zoom

Office Manager, Michelle Hawkins-Wood

My work life hasn’t changed much in terms of operation and execution as I have been virtual for almost five years with PRA. In those five years, I have streamlined my bookkeeping and file management systems. With the onset of the pandemic, however, I became “remote” in every sense of the word as I moved from my condo/office in downtown Toronto to my new “rural” cabin/office in Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. Prior to setting up the new “rural” office, I had to ensure the local internet service would be satisfactory. Gone were the days of high speed that I enjoyed in Toronto. I join the PRA team daily for huddle sessions and my internet has met the challenge 80-90% of the time. The morning sessions have taken on an air of optimism and excitement, as some new and returning leaders have brought new business and opportunities almost daily.

I share my cabin/office space with my husband, an airline pilot, who is currently awaiting on a new assignment on a new aircraft. The airline Industry remains one of the hardest hit industries in this pandemic world. One of the greatest challenges I face is the separation from my adult children. My daughter is attending dentistry school at the University of Sydney in Australia.  International travel is essentially halted so online video sessions are the only method of family get togethers. My son, a Vancouver actor who is on hiatus due to the pandemic, joins the family get togethers online and hopes to travel to Manitoba in the very near future. I am missing the lack of personal contact with my immediate family as well as my close extended family members who all have summer homes in Whiteshell. I am so looking forward to the day that they can gather, share a glass of wine, and a big hug.

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