Is BC poised to become the next digital technology supercluster?

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

It is a known fact that BC’s technology sector has been booming for the past few years and has been instrumental in attracting other industries to the province. But, does it have the potential to become a digital technology supercluster? As per the latest report by Deloitte, with the support of the BC Tech Association, the Research Universities’ Council of BC, Wavefront and the Chief Advisor of the Innovation Network, Dr. Santa Ono, BC is ready to become a Global Supercluster in Digital Technology.

BC’s digital technology sector is booming

A related statistic published in an article by The Globe and Mail stated that the tech industry now accounts for 14 per cent of all office space in the Lower Mainland and 40 per cent of current demand for new office space. These figures are indicative of the demand being created by the tech sector in the province. The article further added that the sector currently employs 75,000 people in Vancouver alone which is bigger than a lot of other significant industries in BC.

The clustering is further enhanced by the fact that the world’s leading technology companies—including Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, Electronic Arts, GE, Sony, and SAP—as well as homegrown successes like Avigilon, Bardel, BuildDirect, Hootsuite, Slack, and Vision Critical all call BC home as per Deloitte’s report on BC-led Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster.

How are technological advancements impacting other industries

Unlike other industries, the growth of this industry does not stay restricted within itself, it helps augment and radically transform other traditional sectors. As we have talked about in the past in our blogs, the natural resources industry in BC with new clean technology or efficiency building solutions are able to build mines of the future. Technological advancements are making the whole process of mining sustainable.

Another good example shared in the Deloitte report is that of the technology and infrastructure sector. Technological solutions such as IoT, data collection platforms and visualization technologies are transforming the way even our parking lots look now. Technology is redefining city planning, emergency response, and critical infrastructure.

With BC attracting global talent and our education system producing world-class experts, the cluster is growing at a rapid speed. New start ups are mushrooming across the province catering to various industries but on the backbone of technology. PR Associates works closely with the life sciences industry and is witnessing the revolution in drug research and development brought upon by technology. Through our work, we know that a life sciences company has found its competitive advantage in producing nanoparticles, for use as medicines and in medical research.

From our experience, BC is definitely on the path to becoming a global digital technology supercluster.

On a daily basis, we are witnessing miracles being performed by technology and it gives us extreme pride to be working with STEM industries that are radically transforming to be future-ready. PR Associates is supporting these companies and industries through this transition to ensure that their story is conveyed most effectively to stakeholders.

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