Establishing and Maintaining Social License
Jan 24, 2020

A Q&A with Robert Simpson, CEO of PR Associates What are the top things companies should do to establish/maintain...

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Best Practices for Life Science Communications
Jan 07, 2020

It’s a noisy world. The media is overrun with major stories every week—Harry and Meghan have a baby boy,...

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Top Five Missteps made by Science Communicators
Jan 07, 2020

Making science accessible and interesting for your readers can be challenging. Read on for five common mistakes to avoid....

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Why should you consider media training?
Oct 03, 2019

  The importance of media training is often undervalued until you see yourself in a recorded interview. Media training...

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Science communication: the facts are everything, but the facts are not enough
Sep 27, 2019

It seems inconceivable that here in the 21stcentury, in the developed world, we have seen resurgence of diseases that...

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Public Speaking Training Exercises
Aug 27, 2019

For public speaking, what constitutes effective communication? Effective communication with local communities, government, stakeholders and indigenous rights holders is...

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A close encounter with poor science communication
Sep 24, 2018

I was recently attending a meeting between a Company and the aboriginal landholders on whose territory the project is...

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Effective science communication wins hearts and minds
Aug 07, 2018

An opinion editorial did the rounds a couple of months ago of an engineer disagreeing – robustly, shall we...

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One-third of Canadians believe science can’t be trusted
Jul 03, 2018

How can scientists build trust? “People form or make decisions about complex-science related issues by how much they trust...

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