Media Training Workshop

Media Training Workshop
for Mineral Exploration and Mining Professionals

Media Training Workshop

Outside of a few industry publications or paying exuberant amounts for media coverage, mineral explorers and miners have a hard time getting positively noticed in the mainstream media.

So how do the pro’s do it? They’re media trained.

Learning how to tell stories to reporters that make your company interesting to their audience will go a long way.
Led by a mining and business journalist veteran with more than two decades of media training experience, we specialize in customized and highly practical media training for mineral exploration and mining company professionals. Our media training workshops are designed to educate and empower, whether media coverage is your top priority, your darkest fear, or something in between.

What you will learn:

  • How to tell compelling stories
  • How to prepare for media interviews
  • How to write news releases that get noticed
  • Techniques for succeeding in media interviews
  • Storytelling and key messages
  • How to be an effective spokesperson
  • Managing conflict

Join us for our Media Training Workshop for Mineral Exploration and Mining Professionals 
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