We make the Science of Mining easily understood

Whether your seeking support for a permit application, environmental assessment application, operational changes, conducting community outreach and consultation, or managing opposition, we make the environmental, engineering and mine processes easy to understand for non-miners.

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Our clients include:

Community Outreach

Gaining community support starts by understanding the science

Communicating mining science is more complicated than merely translating the jargon of science into language the public understands. We know its complexity stems from the goals for communicating, the content conveyed, the format presented, and the individuals and organizations involved. But most importantly, we also know if you want community members to make fact-based decisions about your project, it begins with them understanding the science.

Community Outreach Case Study

Lorillard Collared Caribou Movements

Implications from Interacting with the Haul Road and All-Weather Access Road

To gain consensus with communities of interest on the methodology to calculate group size threshold of caribou

The Project
PRA reviewed a 50-page study about the effects of mine roads on Caribou migration, and translate the study so community members could easily understand the methodology and conclusions of the Caribou migration study.

Our Process
We created a simple document with the five questions posed in the study and the five answers, written at a primary grade science level for those with no science background. A second document was created, and linked to the first, for those community members who wished to have additional intermediate-level information on the study methodology and conclusions, while an executive summary and link to the original study was created for those experts who wished to conduct additional due diligence.

The Result
Exit interviews at community meetings indicated 90 percent of the community members understood the study’s conclusions. After consultation and engagement community groups supported the permit application and its proposed methodology to calculate group size threshold of caribou which resulted in a reduction of road closure days from 60 annually to 18.

Environmental Assessment

Public approval for an environmental assessment application starts with trust in the science

PR Associates works alongside miners and their consultants to make the science that supports Environmental Assessment Applications accessible and easily understood by the general public. By making the science understood trust is built and fact-based decision making begins.

Environmental Assessment Case Study

Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessment Application

Translate 30,000 pages of environmental and engineering information so it was easily understood by communities of interest during and after the EA application process.

To keep community members informed about the environmental assessment process and the science conducted to support the application.

The Project
PRA was engaged to work alongside the proponent and their consultants and make the science conducted to support the Environmental Assessment Application, accessible and easily understood by the communities of interest so they could participate and make fact-based decisions on the Application.

Our Process
Over a seven year period, a number of tools were employed to make the complex science accessible and easily understood. The science was translated to be understood by at a grade six science comprehension level, using written, verbal, digital and video to make the information accessible. PRA worked with the proponent and their consulting scientists on presentation skills, and provided tools for presentations, including models, video, and visual tools to help the non-science audiences understand the methodology and conclusions of the proponents consultants. In addition, PRA responded to those who opposed the project and their constituents, using plain language science which helped to alleviate their concerns.

The Results
The project’s environmental assessment was approved by both Federal and Provincial regulators. Support was provided by both First Nations whose traditional territory the project is located, and by three Nations in the vicinity. Three mayors in local communities wrote support for the project and a survey conducted prior to the application’s approval, indicated the project has 78 percent support in the region.

Opposition Management

Overcoming resistance starts by making mining science understood

It’s natural to fear what we don’t understand. Mining science is complicated and complex, and this is where much of the resistance to mining is rooted and often exploited. Making the science behind your decision-making understood can alleviate fears and help overcome resistance so fact-based decision-making can begin.

Opposition Management Case Study

Opposition for a water license change application

Combining traditional knowledge and western science to create a water quality monitoring program

The Project
Due to unprecedented rainfall and snow melt, the proponent wanted to amend their water permit to allow for additional discharge into a nearby lake. PRA was engaged to provide simple language explanation of the permit application, the science conducted to support the application, and the ongoing monitoring and reporting of the water discharge so community members could make fact based decisions about the Application.

Our Process
We began with an audience analysis to understand the science comprehension skills and the traditional knowledge around water in the region. Once the analysis was complete we created a number of graphic illustrations of the mine water management systems to help the communities of interest understand that the water being discharged was non-contact rain and snow water runoff which was being treated before being returned to the lake. A video of the mine water management, along with digital, written and verbal materials were created to which included water management plan and traditional knowledge principles for monitoring and reporting.

The Results
The communities of interest supported the application and became engaged in the monitoring and reporting of the water discharge, combining western science and Indigenous traditional knowledge.

Mining science understood

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