Top 5 Digital Marketing Pivots for 2021

2020’s global pandemic has given way for businesses to rethink its strategy and pivot where necessary as traditional just isn’t realistic anymore. 

Why digital marketing for B2B and B2C in 2021 means traditional needs to take a step back and digital efforts need to adapt and the execute extremely quickly. Plus, if you don’t have a typical e-Commerce site or a “shoppable” business, digital transformation is still relevant to you.   

Below are a few key focus areas for 2021: 

Artificial Intelligence  

The front runner in trends reports and predictions, AI’s big advantage is predicting your customers behavior. With advanced software development, AI has become more accessible to businesses, making itself a very valuable tool for marketers. It also influences the customer’s decision-making process by giving relevant recommendations as per their specific likes and preferences. It helps in growing the brand by exceeding the customer’s expectations.  

AI tools and platforms are available to help businesses understand the way their customers are adapting to a new reality. Organizations that were previously lagging in their uptake of digital channels for commerce and relationship concepts such as behavioral analytics and personalization.  

Get Google verified (GMB) 

The easiest way to have a digital presence is to have your business listed on Google My Business (GMB) profile. This will also give your geographical location to those searching for your services and products. Verifying your Google listing and keeping it up to date is vital. Your GMB profile will also give your business a better chance to make it to the top search results on Google.  

Video advertising 

We are huge fans of connecting with your audience via video.  Video not only provides engaging content about the benefits of your business but also gives an opportunity to better communicate with your customers.  When they have a clear definition of your business value and how it is applicable for them, you are more likely to convert leads into customers or capture upsell opportunities.  Video is also is multifunctional for your marketing efforts and can be repurposed for social media such as Instagram reels and LinkedIn stories 

Aside from being informative and engaging, video also relays information in a short time as your audience’s attention span is limitedVideo advertising helps your product or service be understood with a greater recall value than other forms of advertising 

Voice search 

Voice search gained its’ celebrity status with Google Home and Alexa when they disrupted tech innovation. When choosing the content and keywords, ensure to choose the keywords based on what your target audience would ask Google, Alexa, or Siri. Voice search optimization gives a rare opportunity for your business to level up in technological capabilities while attracting a younger demographicKeyword optimization is important and optimizing features such as simple language, question phrases, targeting long-tail keywords that align with your SEO, and having a mobile-friendly website will give the best experience of voice search for your customers.  

Google ads 

Google ads are still the staple to target hyper target your audience and gain reputable leads. The automated bidding strategies allows Google to adjust bids in real-time. This strategy helps in maximizing the results based on your specific campaign goals. The first step is choosing the right strategy for your particular business model. Smart bidding is a subset of automated bidding  that uses auction-time bidding to support conversion optimization which includes mostly conversion-based strategies such as: maximizing clicks, maximizing conversions, and Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC). 


This year, businesses have had to show more resilience than ever. This might be a bit dauting in 2021, but real and valid investment is needed in your marketing plan to engage new technologies, tools, and best practices in order to stay ahead in your industry 

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