Social Media: Use It or Lose It

Celine Barton

Celine Barton

Design & Social Media Coordinator

Celine brings extensive knowledge on all things social media to our team. With its ever changing landscape and facets, she keeps up on trends to best be utilized to reach audiences. Adding in creative design elements to this knowledge is a key factor she implements when assessing social media needs.


Having an effective social media presence is now the norm for any company, regardless of industry. This is because of the inexpensive and highly effective way to reach target audiences. The various social media strategies that can be utilized to target specific niches is even more robust today. Whether you your company is looking to increase brand awareness, grow your audience, establish your brand, spread information, or reach new customers or investors, social media can positivity impact and enhance your communications efforts. Today, creating a viable presence on social media has never been more important. 

Google may be the most popular search tool, but social media is right behind them. Looking up a business or personal page is a quick and easy way to get a grasp on a business’ objectives, what they stand for, where you can find them, and who they can benefit. Users also utilize social media platforms to find information, and get their questions answered. With the little attention span that Internet users hold; compelling social media posts, using visuals and captivating taglines can gain their attention to you much faster. Rather than browsing through a website to dig for information, social media can provide users with quick responses through the use of hashtags, key words, and even just organically appearing on newsfeeds. 

It is also one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise. With users so versed on the look of traditional ads, their eyes and ears have trained themselves to avoid them. Social media is a tool that can regain advertising attentiveness, as they able to go undetectable at times. This is because the posts and/or ads are fitting in cohesively with content users are already looking for. These social media posts/ads also carry the value of trackable engagement. Unlike a traditional ad, it is easy for audiences to share, comment, and save your content. This gives companies the opportunity to communicate directly with their target audience, while providing insightful data on who is best reached by these posts/ads, and how to reach them again. Through this, you can set budget parameters. 

However, having your company establish a true presence on social media is not as simple as just making a post. With so many different platforms available, each one has many different uses. Facebook is aimed at growing a community. Twitter spreads quick information. LinkedIn takes on professional connections and resources. Instagram is great to build your brand identity and reach audiences. TikTok narrows into what users want to see before they even know it. Pinterest allows users to find the content that inspire them. Clubhouse allows users to connect over conversation. There are many facets that go into growing your presence on social media. From following a branding scheme and voice, fitting and finding a niche, following a consistent posting pattern, efficiently engaging with audiences, and understanding and working with each platform’s algorithms, these are all tasks and strategies that we can help you with at PR Associates.


Below are our top recommendations to get started or enhance your company’s current social media presence:

  1. It all starts with a social media plan to outline your company’s objectives.
  2. Repurpose content.
  3. Use photo editing tools to add captions and headings.
  4. Attract attention with Infographics.
  5. Incorporate video into your posts.
  6. Create and update content calendars specifically for social media.


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