July 2021: PR Associates News

Despite high temperatures, our team is bringing the cool factor.

As restrictions have eased up a bit more, our PR Associates team can finally meet in person after fourteen long months! Like many of you, we have had new team members join and have only met virtually – that is until now! We will share a snap of the momentous occasion in our following newsletter!

Since you last heard from us in April, the PR Associates team has been working tirelessly on some exciting projects! These projects focused on our specialty services areas such as media and influencer relations, digital marketing, investor videos, and various strategic communications work for our clients. Check out our case studies here and stay tuned for some new ones being posted soon.

We are pleased to welcome some of our newest clients: BioCanRX and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sanai – Dr. Ivan Marazzi. As we continue to expand our work in the life science industry, we customize our approach to each company’s unique objectives to provide specific results.

Since we have experienced unprecedented growth at PR Associates, this latest addition is a special and welcome one. One of our valued team members is expanding her family this September. Our Marketing and Design Manager, Pamela Rubio, is expecting her first child, a daughter.

Congratulations to Pamela and John! We cannot wait to meet her!

And to add to our welcomes, we are so excited to have our amazing Intern back from last year, Ameera Es Sabar, for another summer season with us!

Ameera is currently a student at the University of Toronto, studying social justice and xyz plus, she is a fantastic writer! Like many students, Ameera is very much looking forward to getting back to in-person classes in September!

As we welcome back Ameera, we say goodbye to our most recent Intern. We recently had the pleasure of working with a recent high school graduate, Savannah Lawrence. Check out what she had to say about her time with us at PRA:

Hello there! My name is Savannah Lawrence, and I am a graduating student from Merivale High School in Ottawa. I had a wonderful experience at PR Associates as a Co-op student. Everyone at PR Associates has an amazing personality, they are all kind, helpful, and hardworking.

Having a co-op placement at PR Associates has taught me what a typical day in a public relations company may look like. I was included in morning staff meetings, accomplished multiple different tasks at hand, and discovered the different opportunities available in Public Relations. Not only has this experience helped me gain great insight into the field of Public Relations, but it has helped me determine what career I might want to pursue in the future. I am 18 and I still do not know for certain what I want to do later in life, but my plans are to attend Carleton University and study Journalism next fall so this Co-op placement has definitely given me some guidance.


6 Top Tips for Summer Vacation Planning

With summer vacation plans fast approaching, here are our top tips for planning your travel as smoothly as possible:

1. Plan ahead

This may seem apparent; however, it is more vital than ever as we approach the ‘post-pandemic’ life as we once knew. The travel itch is here, and accommodations book fast. Many excursions, restaurants, and activities still require reservations or pre-payment due to existing or soon-ending restrictions. Not to mention- last minute means higher cost! As fun and relaxing as it can be to make plans as you go on vacation, these are factors to keep in mind. Be smart and ensure that you can make your plans happen.

2. Know the rules

As the world relaxes, it does not mean there aren’t existing restrictions on travel. Know where you’re going, plan around the rules, and ensure you have any necessary documentation or preparation when it comes to testing, vaccinations, and quarantine.

3. Always have a backup plan

This is something that is talked about a lot but not so often enforced. Don’t get stranded and have yourself covered!

4. Know what you need to buy ahead of time

You already know your destination; chances are you have a list of things you will need. Going somewhere hot, load up the sunscreen! Camping? Don’t forget the bug spray! Chances are items will cost more if you purchase at your destination (or could even be sold out), so do yourself a favor and know what you need!

5. Pack plenty of hydration

Staying hydrated may be at the back of your mind when gearing up for a vacation. Staying hydrated brings endless benefits, especially to avoid missing out on the fun! Packing plenty of water and liquids to keep you cool is vital before embarking on travel.

6. Have a stay-cation!

Don’t feel comfortable traveling – not to worry! Explore your city and make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Remember- we missed out on them for over an entire year!

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