Effective Social and Digital Media Strategies

The modern era of social media and subsequent democratization of content has had a major impact on how scientists communicate and engage with their audiences. The world of one-way communication, of one source to many readers, viewers or listeners – has changed into a multi-faceted communications universe, where niche-audience customization and increased relevancy have been made possible.

To take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges presented by this new universe, scientists need to go beyond tactics and employ a strategic approach to their engagement on digital channels. Actions need to go far beyond merely opening up a few social media accounts. As science communication matures in its approach to digital, specific resources are being assigned to content strategy, data analytics, channel strategy, technology and overarching social business strategy. Scientists need to realize that the true foundation beneath all the tools is a powerful paradigm shift, led by a citizen culture that embraces and expects participation, collaboration and transparency.

Workshop Agenda: 

  1. Understanding the most recent science communication statistics in the digital space at a provincial, national and global level;
  2. The key digital trends that are taking place right now and how to adapt to them; 
  3. The key components of a captivating social media post and creating valuable content;
  4. The digital tools available, how to use them to improve efficiency and reach specific niche online target audiences;
  5. How to significantly build up your digital presence online through social media
  6. How to identify influential online content creators in your industry and use backlinks to increase your reach;
  7. How to better manage risks posed by the digital channel; 
  8. How to measure performance of your specific digital engagement activities;
  9. Ensuring you are following AEP social media protocols while mutually collaborating and sharing social media content;
  10. The importance of your personal brand.

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