The Future of Communications: Community Engagement for the Mining Industry

Ambika Maitra

Ambika Maitra

Account Director

Armed with 15 years of experience in the communications industry, Ambika has worked across diverse sectors ranging from STEM organizations to mining to healthcare to consumer brands, in multiple international markets. As a senior member of the PR Associates’ team, Ambika is a trusted advisor to colleagues and clients, and brings unique strategic inputs to all campaigns.

Mining Communications Landscape

Postmedia and Torstar recently announced an agreement to swap 40 local community newspapers with each other, most of which to be shut down. While on the west coast, BC local paper, Kamloops This Week, announced publishing twice weekly from 2018. With fewer local community papers available, what does the future of communications look like especially for the mining industry?

Mining industry communication platform

Historically, the mining industry has relied heavily on the local papers in every province to engage with community members or to communicate with them. While social media is booming, is it the most appropriate platform for the mining industry?

Informing, consulting, empowering and collaborating are the typical communication objectives for a mining company’s community engagement campaigns. In such scenarios, local papers help significantly in getting the word out to smaller mining towns and cities.

While community members will be forced to gradually source their daily dose of local news on digital platforms, with the closing of community papers, a sizeable and relevant population might get missed if mining companies do not seek alternate solutions.

Deeper and consistent community engagement activities like the mining companies themselves printing communication materials in the form of infographics, posters, pamphlets and newsletters and distributing them can be one of the solutions for this industry.

In the ever-changing media landscape, every mining company has to re-think its strategies and understand its priorities to formulate the best possible communication tactic for community engagement campaigns.

7 Tips to create a community engagement campaign

Some of the questions to consider while planning community engagement in the future:

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the most effective mediums available to communicate your messages?
  • How often should you engage with the community?
  • What are some of the tried and tested methods used in the community?
  • What innovative techniques can be adopted?
  • How to make it a two-way process?

Mining Public Relations and Communications

Over the past two decades, PR Associates has been working with mining and mineral exploration companies to successfully implement community engagement campaigns. We are constantly evolving our methods and our team of experienced communication professionals are adept at developing unique and innovative solutions.

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