Client Profile: Progenics Cordblood Cryobank


Progenics came to PR Associates to reach a broader Canadian audience to educate expectant parents and medical professionals on the value of banking a newborn’s cord blood. 

A Health Canada, FDA registered, AABB and FACT accredited companyProgenics has unmatched quality through consistency in producing some of the highest viable yield of processed stem cells for potential clinical use.  

So how did we increase awareness with Progenics target audiences? 

PR Associates focused on simplifying the language surrounding cord blood banking so that a wider audience could understand the science and benefits behind it. 

To gain immediate attention, we launched a media campaign celebrating Cord Blood Awareness Month. At the same time, the PR Associates team revised their website integrating SEO best practices, created a paid social media campaign and also revamped their social media channels increasing frequency of organic posts. 

The media relations campaign saw a remarkable audience reach in a short amount of time, reaching over 1.5 million views. 

“Working with the PR Associates team helped our company adjust some of our necessary foundational digital elements and engage in a media campaign to bring awareness to not only Progenics but the value of cord blood banking for Canadian families.” says Elias Kalouche, Vice President, Quality & Organizational Excellence, Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank.

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