We show the media how mining can save the world

The importance of the mining industry has never been greater.

The world is relying on mining companies for the critical minerals that power green technologies.

Without a strong mining sector, the world would lose a key advantage in the fight against climate change.

The mining industry has an essential story to tell.

We have the expertise to tell it.

The mining industry has a media problem

To those in the industry, this is no secret.

At a time when the world is relying on mining more than ever, the sector can still find itself unfairly demonized. World-leading practices, cutting-edge innovation, and great leaps forward in efficiency and sustainability.

This is the mining industry of today. But is it the perception that the media sees? Often the answer is No.


Effective messaging can change that.

Poor communication creates more risk.

Simplifying the Science

Mining companies operate within a web of complexities. We drill down into the details, and distill them into clarity.

Understanding the Audience

No story, no matter how great, can truly resonate without appreciating who it’s meant for. We anchor our work in your audience, and your goals.

Analyzing the Landscape

Media is not a monolith. From trade journals to community news, regional outlets to Tier 1 media — each has its advantages, and its role to play.

Respecting Allies

Indigenous peoples are essential players in this sector. To tell meaningful stories, instead of simplistic ones, we start from a place of respect.

Our Full-Service Approach

We offer a comprehensive suite of PR services to make sure you have the services you need.

When you become a client of PR Associates, you don’t just get our expertise — you get a teammate who wants to see you succeed. 

Here’s how we do it.

Strategic Story Crafting

We go in-depth into the story you want to tell and identify unique angles that will resonate well with reporters.

Targeted Media Pitches

We match the stories you’re ready to tell with the media outlets who are the best fit to tell them, and we take a thoughtful, targeted approach to pitching them.

Media Relations

We manage both inbound and outbound media interactions — from earned media to emerging issues — to ensure success and manage risk.

Thought Leadership

We position you as a thought leader in your field, by capturing your inspirations, honing your voice, and deploying them into op-eds and feature articles.

Press Releases & Newswires

We take care of all the work that goes into producing a perfect news release, and distributing it far and wide.

On-site Event Support

Any time you are hosting a press conference or speaking to your industry, we’ll be there to support you and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Media Training

We deliver media training for spokespeople and executives. Whether it’s an interview in a few days, or a crisis that could come at any time, the best thing to be is prepared.

The Science of Mining makes it unique – We understand

Much of the social resistance to mining projects comes from fear. What’s the best way to conquer fear? Understanding.

That’s why mining companies can’t settle for a one-size-fits-all PR firm if they want to have their needs truly met. They need support from media experts who understand what they do, and how they do it, and why.

They need a PR firm that speaks their language. At PR Associates, we speak ‘science’, and we speak ‘mining’. We bring clarity to the complex, so that the stories we tell can help the public understand the fact-based decisions that inform your work.


The world needs the mining industry more than ever.

We get that – we help others get it too.