Partnership Profile: LifeSciences BC and Life Sciences Ontario

British Columbia’s life science sector took centre stage during the pandemic as amazing innovation unfolded and gained global recognition.

 PR Associates has been a proud LifeSciences BC sponsor for several years, and we have had the privilege to become further engaged in supporting LifeSciences BC’s public and media relations efforts.  This powerhouse team of William Burrows, Susan Ogilvie, Ryan Butt and Sue Callaghan, led by President and CEO, Wendy Hurlburt, brilliantly adapted to the remote world we now engage within and transformed important industry events, such as their Investor Summit – by bringing a global presence to recognize British Columbia’s life science innovation and talent.

“The Life Sciences sector is the best positioned to drive the economic recovery and competitiveness of British Columbia while developing innovative solutions, products and processes to address the complex issues facing the health system,” – Wendy Hurlburt, President and CEO, LifeSciences BC.

Learn more about becoming a member, a sponsor or attending an event by checking out their events and programs page –  They have a fabulous newsletter too – subscribe here.

Life Sciences Ontario

 We recently expanded our partnerships in the life sciences sector to engage with Life Sciences Ontario as a platinum sponsor. Life Science Ontario’s mission is to support the industry’s success through advocacy, education and awareness. PR Associates is now working alongside Life Sciences Ontario to support these efforts through enhanced digital marketing.

Thank you, Dr. Jason Field, Andy Donovan, Brian Craig and Elizabeth Voss, for working with us and welcoming us!  Check out Life Sciences Ontario events here or looking to join as a member or sponsor – click here –

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