From the President’s Desk: As The Year Comes to a Close…

Robert Simpson

Robert Simpson

President & CEO

For the last 20 years, Robert has specialized in strategic communication and public relations, focusing his passion for storytelling to help organizations achieve greater impact. As PR Associates’ leader, Robert plays a role in collaborating with clients and our teams to develop strategies and create experiences that deepen audience engagement.

As 2021 draws to a close, I want to offer my holiday wishes and reflections on what we have done together over this unprecedented year. The end of one year and the start of another seems to inspire us to reflect naturally. It typically is filled with wrapping up projects while wrapping presents, planning strategic initiatives for the coming year, planning family celebrations, and reflecting on personal accomplishments.  

Here at PR Associates, 2021 was nothing short of amazing. Our team worked hard to deliver results, including a new digital media practice, doubling the number of clients, adding 50% new staff, and scoring over 95 percent on our satisfaction score in our annual client services survey while all our long-standing clients keep telling us they still find good value in our offerings.

Looking forward, our plans for 2022 are in sync with our past performance and our future road map. Given our past 25 years of history, everything is the same, yet nothing is the same—our energy and drive to deliver great public relations and top-notch customer service has brought us to this point and there is no reason it will not sustain us into the future. 2022 will deliver new developments and additional product enhancement across all our service areas, but our core public relations services will remain intact and will be strengthened by new expert additions to our team.

In reflection, I continue to firmly believe that our corporate DNA, has and will, continue to be central to our success at PR Associates. While we recognize the importance of being profitable, we aim to avoid being driven solely by monetary success. We believe it’s important to remain humble in our success, contribute to our profession, our professional and personal development, and our community in a sustainable manner—truly hoping others will follow by example.

2021 was also a year in which we deepened our partnerships with educational institutions, organizations in the life and biosciences, artificial intelligence, fintech, and the technology sectors while continuing to hold our position as the largest energy and natural resource public relations agency supporting the green energy transition.

As a company that values and celebrates diversity of all forms, we at PR Associates celebrate the holiday season in a more extended form, just as it should be-embracing and valuing all of humanity regardless of our differences. I hope during this season everyone takes a moment to reflect on the positive difference you have made this year and that you will join me in ringing in the New Year with anticipation of all that we will accomplish together in 2022.

The holidays are a special time, a time to connect with all that grounds us in purpose, and a time to welcome peace into our lives. My wish is that you find ways to share this time with the people you love and that you get a chance to feel the sense of joy and peace that the season offers us.

Thank you for your partnership and support over the past year. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

Be well and stay safe.

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