2021: Onwards and Upwards

Robert Simpson

Robert Simpson

President & CEO

For the last 20 years, Robert has specialized in strategic communication and public relations, focusing his passion for storytelling to help organizations achieve greater impact. As PR Associates’ leader, Robert plays a role in collaborating with clients and our teams to develop strategies and create experiences that deepen audience engagement.

The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and to approach the year ahead with purpose and intention.

In reflection, last year marked turning point for PR Associates. Our growth increased three-fold with our social, digital marketing and digital graphic practices leading the way, while our media relations and communications practices achieved remarkable success building and protecting our clients’ reputations.

The highlights of our year started with the addition of Paola Ashton to our team as vice president of business development and management. Over a short period of time, Paola has made impressive strides in growing our business, connecting us to lour audience and getting PR Associates noticed globally.

Shortly after, Pamela Rubio joined us to head up our digital marketing and design team and under her leadership we have seen the practice area grow to record levels.

In September, Ambika Maitra our account director returned from maternity leave, giving up mommy duties for her twin girls and quickly doubling and then tripling our client services team.

Jamal Saad, joined us as an account manager in November and through it all Kamran Shaikh our senior account manager and Michelle Hawkins-Wood, who keeps us all organized, had their heads down making sure our clients were noticed.

As we start the new year, we are still growing and on the search for another account manager and social media and digital marketing specialist to join the team and help us manage the volume of new work.

So far this year, we are pleased to be chosen to work on some new projects with some amazing companies: NZ Technologies, The Chilliwack School Board, Life Sciences Ontario, The Immigration and Refuge Board, Alberta Environment and Parks and the Tahltan Nation.


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