Case Study

NZ Technologies Inc.

Out of the surgical suite—touchless technology goes mainstream with HoverTap™ Lift Technology


The Situation

If there’s one health fact we’ve learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s viruses live on surfaces.

When Vancouver-based NZ Technologies approached PR Associates to help them get their HoverTap™ Lift technology noticed, we immediately recognized a good story.

N.Z. Technologies started as a life sciences company, developing touchless navigation technology for surgeons in the surgical suite by helping them look at and move radiology images without touching a surface.

When the Covid 19 pandemic struck, NZ Technologies saw the opportunity. They took their touchless technology from the surgical suite and commercialized it for public use.

HoverTap ™ technology is a new way to use buttons on elevators, bank machines, gas pumps, airport kiosks, without touching them.

Our Solution

PR Associates (PRA) initiated the project by first understanding how the technology worked, N.Z. Technologies’ business and marketing objectives, analyzing media stories and trends around touchless technologies, identifying the target audience and crafting a compelling story.

Through our research, we recognized most of the existing touchless technologies were either at the concept stage or complicated to use, requiring barcodes or apps. The stories were also missing a critical angle – What end users think about the technology and how it has benefited them.

PRA decided the best way to promote HoverTap™ Technology was to demonstrate this technology is not just a concept but already in use through a video story. Hence, we decided to pitch the stories to T.V. news channels. 

N.Z. Technologies had installed a prototype of their HoverTap™ Lift technology at the Ronald McDonald House (RHM) in Vancouver, a home-away-from-home for families with children undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness. 

PRA arranged for the CEO of RHM to participate in joint media interviews with the N.Z. Technologies’ spokesperson highlighting how the touchless technology adds another layer of protection to keep the seriously ill children, many of whom are immunocompromised, and their families, safe from COVID-19.

How did PR Associates’ make an impact?

Seven media stories on T.V./Radio aired 35 times in Canada and US, reaching more than 19 million people in Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces

The Results

The strategic media relations campaign resulted in immediate and broad media coverage focused HoverTap™ Lift in major news channels reaching more than 19 million people across North America. Also, digital media coverage through social media reached over one-million people, including a tweet from Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence of Canada, promoting the technology to his 154K+ followers.

The Media Coverage

Global News

More than 7 million

Global News
Global News – Believe BC: Touch-free elevator technology


CBC Radio

More than 5 million

CFAX 1070

More than 60,000

Komo News

More than 300,000


More than 100,000

CFOX World Famous 99.3

More than 60,000

Total Media Reach

19,000,000 people

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