Case Study

Mining Association of Canada

The Renaissance of Mining: Mining Association of Canada (MABC) Media Relations Campaign


The Situation

Public acceptance of the mining industry in British Columbia, particularly regarding social, environmental and economic issues was perceived to be at an all-time low in 2010. PR Associates was hired by the Mining Association of British Columbia to develop and implement a public and media relations strategy to disseminate accurate information about the industry contribution to the provincial economy and the social fabric of rural communities.

PR Associates began the project by designing and implementing five perception audits throughout the province to gather baseline data with regard to British Columbians views of the mining industry. The results of the perception audits were used to develop the media relations strategy which was launched province-wide during the annual mining week activities in 2010. The initial project term was for one year however PR Associates was retained in 2011 and 2012, with increased responsibility for developing communication strategies, media relations and consultation.

The Solution

PR Associates developed a comprehensive communication strategy for the Mining Association of British Columbia to help improve the public perception of the industry and to highlight the economic and social contribution the industry makes in British Columbia. The industry’s reputation had languished in the past decade, and with a significant projected growth of mining activity in the province, it was important for the industry that rural communities understood the social and economic impact a new mine could have on the community while the industry wished to relay messages to the provincial government about the positive impact mining will have on the Province.

PR Associates developed a media and communications strategy named the Renaissance of Mining. The strategy was developed after completing several regional perception audits that provided the baseline of the general public’s perception of mining. It was determined that mining support in regions where potential new mines were proposed could be increased. Along with the local campaigns a provincial media relations campaign was developed to support the Renaissance of Mining message.

PR Associates provided media training to mining executives, MABC Board of Directors and Management to help deliver the key messages throughout the province. Media advisories, news releases, events, information bulletins and background documents were created for the media.

PR Associates arranged local media events, editorial board meetings and Board of Trade luncheons throughout the province to deliver the Renaissance of Mining Message.

The Results

The Renaissance of Mining was adopted by the provincial government and resulted in the Premier announcing eight new mines as part of the Provincial Jobs Plan

The Renaissance of Mining has been adopted by six other provinces and the program has been adopted by the Mining Association of Canada on a national level.

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