Case Study

mimik Technology

We translated complex research and technology into strategic actions and clear messaging that told mimik’s story and their Pandimik contract tracing apps’ impact.


Our Objective

The PR Associates team executed quickly when mimik technologies came to us to publicize their landmark edge computing, contact tracing mobile application, Pandimik – the only contract tracing app that ensures personal privacy. PR Associates initiated the project by first understanding mimik’s business and marketing objectives. We then did our due diligence and built a public and media relations strategy to help mimik gain media coverage and get noticed. From here, PR Associates crafted messages, developed stories, implemented a thought leader campaign to help build the mimic brand.

Our Client’s Experience

“PR Associates built our relationship from a strategic level ensuring public relations and communications aligned with mimik’s immediate and longer-term business objectives. Not only were we able to receive amazing media coverage for our company and our product, Pandimik, we continue to engage our teams to build upon concepts, ideas and growth plans. I highly recommend PR Associates.”

Fay Arjomandi
CEO, mimik Technology

Research & Strategy

PR Associates initiated the public relations strategy by researching mimik’s target audience demographics and psychographics. We learned that privacy was the most important consideration and chief concern for people when it came to contact tracing. In a survey, over 48 percent of the target market said privacy was the most important issue, followed by ease of use and readily available technology. These are a few of the insights we used to focus our public relations and media relations’ strategies.

What were the primary challenges to mimik’s external communication?

  • Company preparedness 16% 16%
  • Technology was complicated 20% 20%
  • Timeline was short 23% 23%
  • The company was not well known 28% 28%

How can we broaden the reach to engage the general public?

Strategic communication to targeted audiences utilizing digital and earning main stream media coverage has historically been PR Associates’ strategy for effecting change. However, changes in the media and social media presented new opportunities to engage with a wider audience.

To increase the reach and influence, we designed a public facing thought leadership campaign, supported by social media, to make the messages more compelling to a wider audience..

How did PR Associates’ actions make an impact?

Media Coverage & Reach

PR Associates was able to execute quickly and gain immediate media coverage on mimik technologies and their mobile application, Pandimik. mimic had very little media coverage since its’ inception and, after partnering with PR Associates, mimik had an impressive audience reach via national and local print, broadcast and digital channels of over 85 million.

Media stories - Print, Broadcast and Digital

People Reached

Media Exposure Highlights

mimik Technology’s media coverage reached its highest in 3 weeks


President and CEO, Fay Arjomandi, endorsed as an exclusive Forbes Agency Council member.

BNN Bloomberg article: 989,000 reach

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