Case Study

BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association (BC AMTA)

BC AMTA is faced with a broad and complex communication opportunity


The Situation

As part of BC’s strategy to respond to the impending labour shortage in the mineral exploration and mining industry, First Nations communities and organizations, and educational and government partners formed the BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association to promote increased participation of Aboriginal people in the sector.

BC AMTA is faced with a broad and complex communication opportunity: determining how best to communicate with multiple partners, each with different (and sometimes competing) interests and mandates. The ultimate goal of the association is to connect Aboriginal people to jobs in mining; the challenge for BC AMTA at the start was determining how to tell its story to make sure this happened.

The Solution

PR Associates developed a 36-month communication and public relations strategy for BC AMTA to build its profile as a leading Aboriginal skills training program, connecting Aboriginal People to employment in BC’s mining industry. The objectives of the strategy focused on building a strong BC AMTA partnership and brand; attracting candidates to the program; raising awareness about how mining benefits communities; and securing support for BC AMTA when initial program funding ended.

The Results

PR Associates developed and maintained a master message set which has underpinned all of the association’s communication over the past three years and ensured BC AMTA’s story has remained consistent and strong, across mediums and audiences. Influencer Relations was another important component of the BC AMTA strategy; PR Associates facilitated many introductions which have resulted not only in support and advocacy for the program, but also 2012 funding for BC AMTA programs.

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