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Award Winning Media Relations, Training and Communication Team

PR Associates is an award-winning training and communication team with specialized experience in making the complex and technical simple and relatable. Our team members have diverse and global experience which allows us to collaborate and deliver the best service to meet your business and reputation goals.

United by our Values

We love what we do. We believe in the work we do. We make a difference in the world with our work. Our employees are our core strengths. Each employee is a Courageous Steward of the core values of our public relations firm:


With so much expertise at hand, collaborating to meet client needs produces the best solution. We learn from each other and inspire excellence in the process.


Our work is our passion. Every single employee is a bright and smart individual with an unwavering commitment towards work, clients and the company’s growth. In short, we grow as the company grows.


We respect all peoples and honour the rights, beliefs, knowledge and perspectives of our employees, our stakeholders, rights holders, partners and communities.


We are accountable to our team members, our clients and ourselves. We recognize we are part of an eco-system with cyclical reliance and we always support and raise up our clients, team members, superiors, and sub-ordinates while remaining true to our personal values.


Quality of our work is what sets us apart. At PRA, the stress is not just on delivering quality services, but the best in the business.


Our clients are not just people and companies for us, but are important members of the PRA family. We are responsible for them and it is our duty to give them the best in the public communication business and position them as market leaders.

Our Expertise

Our work encompasses everything you would expect from a public relations firm but what sets us apart is our experience telling science stories simply and accurately. At PR Associates there is no learning curve because science storytelling is all we do. As experts and seamless extensions of your team, we use science storytelling to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets and stimulate investment interest.

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