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PR Associates is a communication and training organization that helps executives, scientists and science producing-enterprises such as private sector companies, government departments, universities, hospitals and affiliate research institutes, professional associations, crown corporations, NGO’s and independent think tanks, effectively communicate to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, shift mindsets and move markets.

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It’s not magic, it's science

PR Associates uses a unique approach to communicating complex scientific information. We call it the Science of Communication™. This simple but effective method makes it easier for non-technical people to understand the STEM concepts behind complex ideas, projects and organizations.

We provide your team the tools to meaningfully connect with: investors, media, Indigenous communities, federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and international governments, and the general public.

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The results speak for themselves

We have helped companies gain approval for $20.5 billion worth of projects. We have helped introduce new technologies which attracted investments of $600 million. We have delivered communication training to 2,500 science professionals in both the public and private sectors to become better understood by non-scientists.

We work with some of the top technical, health, biological, environmental, bio-technical, aerospace, civil, chemical, geotechnical engineers and earth scientists and their organizations in the world to translate technical information and then communicate the information effectively to non-science audiences.

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News & Insight

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Jan 07, 2020

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Oct 03, 2019

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