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"I’ve always been a science lover. From chemistry to engineering, I always want to understand and know more. That’s why my work at PR Associates is so rewarding. By combining my love of science with my knowledge and experience in communication, I am fortunate enough to work everyday on projects about which I am passionate."

Megan has more than fifteen years of technical communication and investor relations experience spanning the mining, alternative energy, biotechnology, education, and marine technology industries. Over that time, she has developed a network of business and government leaders who rely on her expertise for numerous communication issues.

Much of Megan’s time at PR Associates is spent supporting clients who are working through the regulatory process. Using solid principles of issues management and communication, Megan identifies key audiences and designs strategies to help clients collaborate with rights-holders and stakeholders who affect their project. She developed the first provincially approved Section 11 order community consultation and engagement plan. Since then she has been participated in regulatory processes for numerous clients, all with successful outcomes.

Megan has honed her skills as a crisis communicator, and though she always hopes her clients do not need to call on her for this, she remains poised in case the call comes in.

Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and will complete a Master’s in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University in 2017.

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