Our Services

For several years, PR Associates has been a leader in working with scientists and engineers to help make their technical information easily understood by non-technical audiences, whether that be Indigenous communities, government policy advisors or regulatory officers.

We are recognized experts in: 

Public speaking and presentation training for scientists and engineers
Media training for scientists and engineers
Communication strategies and tools

NEW: Learning to speak the same language: How to improve success by making technical language for Indigenous communities easier to understand.


We call this approach to breaking down complex, technical data into simple and easy-to-follow information the Science of Communication™. It improves project success by making technical information easier for non-technical users to understand. This is a way for different parties to learn how to speak the same language.

PR Associates has worked with more than 2,000 engineers and scientists to effectively communicate complex concepts to non-science audiences to get approval for $20.5 billion of new project investment in Canada.

We offer several workshops that can target the specific skills that scientists and engineers need to help advance their projects and we create strategic communication plans and tools to facilitate successful communication with non-technical audiences.

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