Building trust while building your project

Jun 26, 2017

A recent Insights West Poll ranked how Canadians feel about a variety of professions. Nurses are the most respected with 92 percent of respondents feeling very or somewhat positive about the profession. Doctors and scientists tied in second place...

How mismanaging media opportunities can turn into a crisis

Jun 19, 2017

We usually think of a crisis as something big and physical. A specific event that is an immediate and obvious issue. But that’s not always the case. Crisis communication...

Why journalists observe behaviour during media interviews?

May 09, 2017

Everyone likes to think their individual personality is unique, but science has proven we may not be so different from one another after all. Most psychologists agree there are four...

Media Trainers for Scientists and Engineers Need Good Science Communication Skills

Apr 10, 2017

Tomorrow I will be giving a six-hour boot camp to some federal government scientists and engineers. The session begins with an overview of the theory of science communication—why it’s...

Five must-have Presentation Skills for scientists and engineers

Jan 30, 2017

Five must-have Presentation Skills   1. Don’t Apologize Apologies are only useful if you’ve done something wrong. Don’t use them to excuse unpreparedness, your nervousness or humble yourself in...

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