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Public Relations for Natural Resource and Sustainable Development Industries

PR Associates is a trusted leader and partner in public relations and communications, focused on the natural resource, energy and sustainable development industries.

PR Associates has a well-respected reputation for pushing the boundaries of communication, creating a new era of public engagement and sincere cooperation between organizations, stakeholders and rights-holders. We represent private, public and non-profit organizations connecting with decision makers in the natural resource and sustainable development sectors.

With a focus on understanding stakeholder needs, PR Associates communicates by using clarity and meaningful actions that build acceptance with public and private interests. We are recognized experts in the provision of:

-       Communications strategy
-       Government and regulatory affairs
-       First Nations and rights-holder relations
-       Corporate social responsibility planning
-       Stakeholder communications
-       Public consultation and engagement

-       Issues and crisis communication
-       Media relations
-       Executive and project training
-       Research and analysis
-       Strategic marketing and brand management






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