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June 20 & 21, 2017

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The Science of Communication

PR Associates breakdowns complex scientific and engineering concepts to communicate them in ways that are easy to understand. Through our focus on training and strategic communication, we help science-minded professionals and their organizations build favourable reputations and achieve success.

It’s not magic its science

PR Associates uses a unique approach to communicate scientific information. We call it the Science of Communication™. This simple but effective method makes it easier for non-technical people to understand the science and engineering behind complex ideas and projects. We give your team the skills to meaningfully connect with: investors, media, Indigenous communities, federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and international governments, and the general public.

The results speak for themselves

We have helped companies gain approval for $20.5 billion worth of projects. We have helped introduce new technologies which attracted investments of $600 million. We have delivered communication training to 2,000 engineers and professionals to become better communicators.

We work with some of the top technical, environmental, bio-technical, aerospace, civil, chemical, geotechnical engineers and earth scientists in the world to translate technical information and then communicate the information for non-science audiences.

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PR Associates has offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. 1 (604) 681-1407

News & Insight

4 Simple Tips for Science Communication

Apr 18, 2017

Scientists and researchers are a treasure cove of information that, if communicated well, can change perceptions, inform the public and showcase the potential value of their work to society. The key is in presenting the information in a manner...

Media Trainers for Scientists and Engineers Need Good Science Communication Skills

Apr 10, 2017

Tomorrow I will be giving a six-hour boot camp to some federal government scientists and engineers. The session begins with an overview of the theory of science communication—why it’s...

Canada’s Road to Resource Development

Apr 03, 2017

Aboriginal empowerment and Canada’s resource sector have been on a collision course for three decades, but with a reset of the relationship, Canada could still realize its full resource...

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