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Public Relations for Natural Resource and Sustainable Development Industries

PR Associates specialize in government affairs, media relations and crisis communication strategy for the economic and social development in the Natural Resource and Sustainable Development Industries.

PR Associates has earned a reputation as a well-respected leader and partner in public relations and communications. Our goal is to foster an agenda that embraces the economic, social and environmental benefits of sustainable development and renewable energy while focusing on responsible stewardship of the natural resource industries.

We achieve these goals by continually pushing the boundaries of communication, creating a new era of public engagement and sincere cooperation between organizations, stakeholders and rights-holders. We represent private, public and non-profit organizations connecting with decision makers in the natural resource and sustainable development sectors.

With a focus on understanding stakeholder needs, PR Associates communicates by using clarity and meaningful actions that build acceptance with public and private interests. We are recognized experts in the provision of:

-       Communications strategy
-       Government and regulatory affairs
-       First Nations and rights-holder relations
-       Corporate social responsibility planning
-       Stakeholder communications
-       Public consultation and engagement

-       Issues and crisis communication
-       Media relations
-       Executive and project training
-       Research and analysis
-       Strategic marketing and brand management







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